Strange sights: Humana Spain Exhibition

For this Fox, an unexpected finding in a busy shopping centre in Oviedo city brought a welcomed sense of familiarity to a rather alien environment. From September 2017 to January 2018, I spent my time studying Spanish in the Northern city of Oviedo as mentioned in a number of previous blog posts. Struggling to get... Continue Reading →


Classic Vintage Styles from COPE Galway charity shop this Race Week

COPE Galway's charity shop located on Augustine street is offering an alternative to high street fashion this Race week with some classy, vibrant and vintage styles. Whatever you dress up for this week, whether it be for the best hat, dressed or fair lady, COPE Galway charity shop is your one-stop destination to achieve races... Continue Reading →

Lost Looks: ’90’s Grunge

Music and fashion have always been big influencers in our world. The way we dress, how we act, what we listen to, their reach is endless. But is there a connection between these two trendsetters? Can what we listen to stretch even further into our style and look? The purpose of this series is to... Continue Reading →

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