How to make a difference this Fashion Revolution Week

This April, from Monday 23rd to Friday 29th, Fashion Revolution Week will be celebrating its fifth year anniversary where clothing lovers, shops, boutiques and charities come together to demand a more fair, just fashion industry.

I am a proud shopper of COPE Galway and have expressed my love for their clothing in many of my blog posts. Recently I was in the need for a new faux leather jacket. Unwilling to spend a lot in a high street store I discovered this beauty for €7 in the COPE Galway charity shop, I love it!

The fire and collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh five years ago that lost over one thousand lives due to an unsafe work environment, caused a shift in the fashion industry and is the forefront for this revolt.

A movement was created to fight against the unfair exploitation and pollution caused by big chain clothing brands and demand better working conditions for garment workers.

This revolution was also made to honour those who have lost their lives in the fire of Rana Plaza and to put pressure on the fashion industry to listen up and change the way the world interacts with clothing.

In Galway, the charity organisation COPE will be celebrating this week by hosting a number of different events in their boutique on Augustine Street, Galway city.

This is to promote the purchase of second hand clothing, fashion recycling and reduce over spending/ consumption on clothing.

A topic that is close to my own heart, it is wonderful to see such passion and support for a vital cause. Issues amongst the fashion industry are prevalent, so something needs to change.


There are many different ways to become a fashion revolutionary, as enlisted by COPE Galway, to help the world around us. Here are a few examples:

  1. Revamp old clothing. Learn how to sew and revive your tired wardrobe items. This stops the waste of clothing and could even become an undiscovered passion you didn’t know you had.
  2. Prevent the dumping of millions of tons of gorgeous, stylish fashion clothing every year by purchasing second hand from charity shops.
  3. Be vigilant when buying clothing, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” and stray away from big chain brands. Not only with the world around you be grateful, your fashion statements will be something to be proud of.
  4. Buy, wash and wear better. Be thorough in your attempt at finding new (or new to you) clothing by seeking out high quality, durable materials that will last. Also consider how cleaning your clothing can impact its durability and adapt.

Whether you are in Galway and have time to take a look at the wonderful events planned by COPE or you simply keep this in mind next time you are on the hunt for some new clothing, remember to think fashion, think recycle, re-use and think love (…of a good bargain!)

 The pictures show just how great charity shops can be for your wardrobe. I fell in love with this faux leather purple biker jacket at first glance. Its material is surprisingly super soft and looks brand new. It was there just when I needed it. Steals like this and many more can be found in charity shops all over Ireland so definitely check them out.

Until Next Time.


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